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Bridget Stevens exhibition: 2 – 29 November

We are thrilled to host this November the first solo exhibition in Brecon of Artist & Printmaker Bridget Stevens. The daughter of the renowned late and much missed Painter Meg Stevens, Bridget grew up in an artistic Quaker family in Llanfrynach near Brecon. She spent many years working as a specialist in decorating and building restoration and has taught use of colour on interior design courses in London.
Her artwork has always drawn on the colours of the welsh landscape and she feels a particular affinity with night-time and evening colours, the contrasts between blue and orange.

Her imagery draws on her own experiences of growing up locally, of many years of city living, and of personal bereavement.

Bridget is interested in myths and archetypes which often evolve into personal re-interpretations, and she also draws on a gradual lifetime process of one’s own personal myth-making. Prints of paintings by Meg will also be on display and available for purchase; the display will include signed and unsigned prints. This is a rare opportunity to view a large selection of these popular scenes and studies of flowers and nature in one space…

The exhibition will open on Thursday November 11th and run until November 29th.